Musical Style and Creativity

I’ve been learning how to play the piano in my spare time, and I’ve practiced using SuperCollider and other cool technologies to make some interesting music. A background in Fine Art has given me a certain analytical perspective on creativity – and since I’m particularly interested in making music, I’ve tried to study what makes it all tick, so I can produce something super cool and become a cult hero…

I won’t pretend to have done that yet, so don’t expect any links to great music I’ve made – but I do think I’ve learnt some fundamental things about creativity that other people might find interesting to read, as it’s from a fine art perspective of analysis, rather than from a musician that might just go with the flow.

I’m pretty confident that I’ve nailed some important concepts, so I wrote an essay to explain it all. Have a read and let me know what you think!

You can find it here: Musical Style

Don’t hold back if you completely disagree!

P.S I can recommend a great piano teacher in Brighton if anyone is looking for one: Megan Stuart

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