First FCB Session

Flash Coders Brighton kicked off last night with a great show of designers and developers from a variety of backgrounds. We chatted about our interests, and a few showed their work. It was pretty clear that we have a lot to teach each other, so there should be no shortage of material to cover in the coming months.

Of particular interest was the upcoming Flashlite 2.0, which will no doubt have a session or two dedicated to it in the near future, mention of Aral Balkan’s presentation on Flex during the next session, and I had some interest in my game engine too, so I’ll be doing a presentation on the details of that at some point 🙂

We’ve also set the FlashcodersNY group a coding challenge: to produce a 16 step sequencer using nothing but ActionScript and four sound samples (no graphics in the IDE). The group who produces the smallest filesize app (most efficient code) wins the challenge!

On the whole the evening was a success, proving FCB a welcome addition to the new media community in Brighton.

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