Sickening Skills

It’s one thing to have ultra skills in one field, but when someone of world-class calibre decides to turn his hand at something else, with equal success and talent, it gets a bit… confusing?

I’ve been a fan of Eric Jordan since first laying my eyes on his 2advanced sites a few years ago; like many other flash designers on the planet, he inspired me to pick up flash and push it as far as possible.

Having recently been floored again by his company’s latest showcase site; 2Advanced v5, I’ve just discovered his talents at producing and mixing electronic music.

DJing Progressive House isn’t the most challenging of musical practices, but the level of skill required to produce top quality records most definitely is – so when Mr. Jordan knocks out mixes and tracks to the standard found on his audio blog Neverrain as well as running the most notorious design studio in the world, one begins to wonder what the hell is going on!!

Is there a 5th dimension of productivity I don’t know about?

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