Advice for anyone trying to break into a market

Invest in your ideas. If you have a good idea you think people will understand, make it happen.

There’s nothing that rivals a unique idea that’s well realised. The case in point is my Flash game Prism.

I’ve had these ideas for nearly 5 years, and wished for the day when I could be paid to make them come to life. After 3 years training myself in Flash development, I got a kick up the backside to just make it happen myself. Since the demo went online at the end of April, I’ve found myself meeting people I’ve been dying to meet, working with companies I’ve been dying to work for, and generally having my career dreams come true.

I waited and waited for the right people to work with to make these ideas real, but in the end it just came down to me believing in the ideas without hesitation, and refusing to give in to distractions.

Commit to your ideas, and don’t look back!

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