Prometheus Rising

is an ace book full of futurist philosophical ideas.

Reading historic philosophy at University was fun and enlightening, but I kept thinking wouldn’t it be more thrilling to read these ideas at the time they were written; to be part of the experience of imagining the future.

Most contemporary texts I was introduced to during my master’s course were obvious babble about digital cultures. Sure, those texts of 5-10 years ago have been realised with social networks in the last year or so; such is the pattern of high art and philosophy filtering down into wider society. However, these ideas just seemed obvious and rather unexciting to me; perhaps it is shortsighted of me not to grasp hold of them and make a small fortune by harnessing the ideas and being ahead of the curve for social networking applications…

The ideas never sparked my imagination; but the kind of shit Robert Anton Wilson is shoveling most certainly does! Meta-programming, Space migration, Quantum consciousness… yes please!

Buy it for the Boheme in your family today (but read it yourself first)…

I’m clearly a newb to this flavour of high concept futurist philosophy, so any recommendations of further reading I will gladly accept…

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  • zenbullets
    Posted December 16, 2006 at 2:50 pm 0Likes

    Are you saying that we are now in a time when we don’t imagine the future? When did that happen?

    The only recommendation I can come up with that ticks all the boxes you require is a comic book – The Invisibles by Grant Morrison. Comic books, partly because they have a much quicker writing to publication turn around time, have always been slightly ahead of the other more conventional forms of literature in terms of futurism and contemporary ideas. The downside is these ideas usually have to be expressed within the context of super-powered slug-fests.

    I’ve never read Prometheus Rising, but I’ve got a copy of The Eye in The Pyramid on my to-read pile.

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