Say Hello to Shaun Baker

One of the things I enjoy most about my role at FuturLab is spotting potential in people, and being able to cultivate it.

With that in mind, I’d like to introduce Shaun Baker to our blog. I met Shaun when he came to do some testing on Coconut Dodge with a bunch of his college friends. He had a go at designing a maze for the game, and came up with an idea that none of us had considered. His design was included in the game (Maze Level 27), and it’s the one maze I still find challenging to this day 🙂

Around the same time we were talking to the PlayStation Home team about creating content for PlayStation Home, so I decided that we should give Shaun an opportunity to come in and make some Coconut Dodge items for Home.

So, here’s a post from Shaun:

Golden Viking Helmet!

It would be great if you would give him some feedback and encouragement, and also suggest some Coconut Dodge items you would like to see in Home!

We’ll aim to keep the blog updated each week with Shaun’s progress, and we’ll put a Poll up so people can vote on the items they would most like to see 🙂

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