Space Shooter F.A.Q.

What format is the game?

It’s a 2D, top-down, vertically scrolling shoot ’em up, with some cool new twists!

What’s different about this game to other vertical scrolling shooters?

You can teleport!

We’ve designed the gameplay around the teleport mechanic, so there are physical dexterity challenges where you teleport around the screen, and action based logic puzzles, which require teleporting around the level. The world is constantly scrolling, and most levels require multiple passes using the teleport for 100% completion. As with Coconut Dodge however, we’re designing it so that casual players can still progress through the game having fun without going for the 100% awesomes.

The game sounds like it could be difficult to play, is it?

No. Many people thought Coconut Dodge looked too difficult to play when we first showed gameplay footage, but as with many great games, it takes no time to learn, and takes a long time to master. We’re using the same approach on this game. It will be accessible for people new to the genre, for example people who don’t get on well with shooters, but who really loved Coconut Dodge and want to play our next game, and it will also give hardened bullet-hell lovers something new to master.

What is the game called?

We don’t have a name for it yet, so we’re inviting people to suggest names for the game and the lead character, with a chance to win a free copy when the game is released! Check it out here: Name Our Game Competition.

The artwork looks pretty cool. Is it just concept art, or is this the style you’re using in the game?

We are using it in the game. It’s a unique style that draws inspiration from classic 80s TV shows like Thunderbirds 2086, but it’s all drawn without any curves at all (the only curves in the artwork are the ball of shield energy around the Quarp Drive and the wheels on the vehicles!). We wanted a way to give the game an edgy look whilst remaining cartoony, so we figured we’d draw everything with straight line edges!

The music isn’t bad either, is it the final soundtrack?

We’re not sure yet. Teleport Rescue is a tune that I wrote when I was at University, and it went through lots of different versions. I couldn’t settle on a version I liked for nearly 10 years until we were half way through making Coconut Dodge. I created this particular mix during Christmas 2009, and realised for the first time it would make a really good soundtrack to a space shooter game. That’s when I decided our next game should be a space shooter :).

This music inspired the game - download it for free.

This tune has been very useful for giving the team a common vision for the game. Our artist listened to it over and over whilst drawing the character and ship, and we’ve used the mood of the track to build up a story. The track has an uplifting and heroic mood, so I figured the game would have to be a rescue game!

We will probably try more variations on the theme for the final game, but this track is an important one for us because it’s given us a focus. Hopefully it will give you something to visualise too, to help you think of a name!

Does the game have a scoreboard?

Hello djax, yes the game does have a scoreboard ;).

Does the game have a release date?

Not yet, no. We are hoping to have the game finished by Christmas, but it could take us longer to polish the game to the high standards we set for ourselves.

When can we see some screenshots, or a video!?

It’ll be a while before we show any screenshots because the game is full of programmer art. Although Robin has lovingly crafted the current artwork, it wouldn’t do us many favours if we made it public now ;). We’ll show screenshots and a video when the game looks good.

In the artwork you’ve released, the Quarp Jet seems to be hovering in mid air without anything holding it in place. Can it just hover like that?

Yes, the electromagnetic wing enclosures constantly regulate the balance and orientation of the craft in relation to other objects. This allows it to hover unaided, and since the energy source is renewable, it’s environmentally friendly too :p.

The PowerLev Quarp Jet © PowerLev Research 2210

Do you like the sound of this and would like to know more? You could follow our progress on Twitter @FuturLab!

In the meantime, you could also check out Coconut Dodge – it’s an awesome little game that despite its simplicity is incredibly fun and addictive! Don’t take our word for it though, check out all the reviews: Coconut Dodge Reviews :).

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  • Ranjel
    Posted September 7, 2010 at 5:50 am 0Likes

    Just wanted to say that who ever is the artist for this game is already doing a great job and I didn’t even see true screenshots yet. lol

    BTW The nameourgame challenge is my favorite challenge of all time. Since it’s something I think about a LOT because I’m pursuing the game development life myself.

  • James @ FuturLab
    Posted September 12, 2010 at 8:57 am 0Likes

    Thanks for your support Ranjel! 🙂

    Watch this space for more updates!

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