Tips on mastering Mazes 6 and 13

The iOS version of Coconut Dodge contains two mazes in Maze Master mode that are not included in the PSP version, Mazes 6 and 13.

These mazes require Clawrence to keep a ball bounced centrally on screen whilst zipping left and right to collect treasure.

The trick is to keep the ball as central as possible before the mazes appear. If you need to correct the ball bounce, do it by tiny amounts either side to avoid sending it hurtling off screen. A good way to practice is to try and guess where the ball will land, and position Clawrence so the first bounce sends the ball straight up in the air.

You’ll need to be able to do this every time so that you can zip in and out of the gaps and return to where you need to be to keep the ball central, so practice this in the main mode as there are more balls around.

Hope that helps, happy dodging!

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  • William Gardner
    Posted April 15, 2011 at 1:54 pm 0Likes

    Maze 6 is driving me insane, I can’t wait to nail it!

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