Quarp Jet Revealed!

Everyone knows that PowerLev Research is a secretive company. So secretive that we have to go deep undercover – pretending to be people we’re not – just to get the smallest of details about the Quarp Jet and the mission it is being prepped for.

As some of you may remember, we managed to grab schematics a while back, but since then security has been locked up tight – meaning we couldn’t bring you any more details.

However, late last month we had a rare opportunity to smuggle someone in. We deliberated for hours about who to send, and eventually decided on someone who could share his view with the rest of us.

Since no recording technology would be permitted inside the testing facility, we needed someone with a great memory for visual detail, and the ability to recreate what they saw later.

We selected John Steels, of ‘One More Go!’ fame.

As well as being a sculptor of facial extremes, he is also an artist of considerable talent, and was able to capture what he believes is a very close likeness of the actual Quarp Jet.

Of course, John has taken some creative license in rendering the craft in action. Nevertheless, we can see just how spectacular this groundbreaking ship is going to be.

It may even be game changing…

John Steels has also just released his own game for iOS, called GET THE FLOCK OUT! You may want to give it a try!

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