Genesis of a Sexy Spaceship

Ok, so we lied about smuggling John in to see a real Quarp Jet

…but it is pretty cool. Check out how we got there:

1. Flash of inspiration

Cool games with cool mechanics are even cooler with cool ships, so…

A quick sketch on the whiteboard
"Y'know, kinda like the R-Type jet but with a giant ball of energy in the centre!"

2. Use what you’ve got

We used our design schematics as part of an awareness campaign.

3. Get reference!

Q: When you’ve got limited resources and time (like us), every line counts. So, what angle would make it look the most awesome?

A: Google awesome vehicle images!

"Yep, copy that."

4. Let magic happen

John went home to work on Get The Flock Out!, and sent us updates every couple of days. Our eyes got progressively wider, and jaws got closer to our desks.

5. Finished Article

Ta da! (after a bit of contrast balancing!)

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