Spidermann Named Our Game

From a press release sent out today:

FuturLab today revealed the much anticipated follow up to their critically acclaimed debut Coconut Dodge.

‘Velocity’, which was named as part of a competition for the PlayStation community, is a scrolling shooter unlike any other which features an innovative teleport mechanic, allowing players to jump around the screen and return to previous areas of a level to solve time sensitive logic puzzles.

That’s all very exciting, but the FuturLab team stumbled on a fascinating character when announcing the winners of the competition, a chap going by the name of Spidermann.

From James Marsden, FuturLab’s Managing Director:

“When we selected the winning entry for the competition, we all thought the winner’s name was a joke, and wondered if the email address would turn out to be fake, so we were delighted to discover that Spidermann is definitely real, and that his alias is not Peter Parker.”

It turns out that Spider N. Mann suffered a severe case of identity theft back in 2004, and after a “lightning bolt carrying an atom of genius” hit him, he decided to quickly change his name:

“Having been a fan of the character for the majority of my life I decided upon taking the surname Mann, using my nickname ‘Spider’ as my first name, and added an “N” as a middle name so that when people asked what it meant I could say “The ‘N’ stands for ‘nothing.'” – Spider N. Mann

Spidermann, who FuturLab now refer to as ‘Spidey’, will get his hands on Velocity for free along with three other lucky PlayStation gamers when the game is released in March!

The official Velocity website is now live, as is the Facebook page where artwork and screenshots can be seen, as well as back story.


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