Velocity 2X Available Now on PC and Xbox One!

Teleporting Everywhere!

Our little shooter that took on the world and won is available on PC and Xbox One today!

It’s been just under a year of non-stop blistered thumbs and worn out controllers, and in that time we’ve had the great pleasure of seeing Kai and her Quarp Jet championed by so many. Thank you for taking an interest in our special game!

Landmark Achievement

Velocity 2X is special because every member of the team put their heart and soul into it, and for many of us it’s been a landmark achievement. For some it was a chance to create a compelling character whose personality people can fall in love with. For others it was the creation of an accessible adventure that anyone can enjoy, no matter their level of skill or experience. Indeed, four year old girls enjoy it as much as 40-something men. It was also a channel for inspiration from the amazing art we grew up with watching animated sci-fi.

For me, it was being able to recreate in Velocity 2X the liberating sense of flow that I first experienced playing WipEout 2097 as a kid; an appreciation for muscle memory that was compounded as I worked my way through thousands of shin bruises learning how to skateboard.

Rhythm Rewards

Velocity 2X is an exercise in choreography. As you are guided through its 50 campaign levels, you’re being taken on one giant learning experience, teaching its particular ‘tricks’ and ‘moves’, so that you can later glide through effortlessly to earn the PERFECT medals.

As a new player, we hope you will embrace its seductive, rhythmical flow; one that will – with sufficient practice – guide you between nimble grace and gleeful destruction.

Whilst Velocity 2X is beautiful, and accessible, and funny, and dramatic, and surprising – what it does best is reward your effort. If you commit yourself to excellence, you will achieve a thoroughly satisfying sense of flow that will be hard to beat.


Thanks so much to Sierra for helping to bring our adventure to more players, and a mighty shout out to Barry Irvine and Andy Yelland for being reliably awesome. Of course a heartfelt note like this wouldn’t be complete without a big thank you to Shahid Ahmad at PlayStation, who genuinely took a risk on our vision.

We look forward to welcoming new players, so please do come and say hi @FuturLab.

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