Losing Yourself in Twitch Heaven


Velocity 2X has been available for over a week on PC and Xbox One now, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response – so many existing fans from PlayStation supporting its move onto Xbox One and PC too – feel the love.

Dat Silky Gameplay

Many people are surprised at how good Velocity 2X feels – it’s because we really care about it – it informs every decision we make, not just for a particular feature, but as a studio. We only want to make games that feel amazing to play – and not just in your hands, but in your mind too: if our ideas don’t thrill you, we get bored!

Behind the Scenes

In this behind the scenes video we talk about how the controls in Velocity 2X allow you to dance through levels at incredible speed, making you look good whilst losing yourself in twitch heaven.

Also, extra points for working out which toys were blurred out in the shot from inside our studio lounge :p

Enjoy the video? Check this one out too, it’s all about the story:

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