Welcome to the world of Tiny Trax!

Designed to look like the limitless imagination of a child with their first slot-car set and a Hollywood budget, these fantastical landscapes will transport you from sandy, windswept beaches all the way to the moon and beyond.

When entering these virtual worlds via your PlayStation VR headset, you can position yourself wherever you want to get a perfect view of the spiralling twists and turns.

Fancy watching the race from above? Stand up and look down below over the frenzy. Want to stare up at the gravity-defying loops? Then sit down in a comfy chair and stare in awe as your vehicle whizzes above your head and into the air. Whatever your preference, the action comes to you – that means no motion sickness, we promise.

Twelve tracks are divided up into three areas, each more fantastical than the last. The first landscape we’ll be looking at today is the Tropical Adventure, which contains pirate bays, shipwrecks and undersea racing. Get your flip-flops and eye patch ready. The second selection is called Frozen Forgeway, which promises to transport you to a fantasy world of icy cliffs and scolding flames. Yikes!

The third and final cup is Galactic Odyssey. Guess where that one is set? I’ll give you a clue; it’s not in the grocery store. Remember to check back later this week to find out.

Are you ready to explore the sunny shores and pirate coves of the Tropical Adventures tracks? C’mon then, lets set sail.

Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay was one of the very first tracks created. Designed to be like a Pirate village in a theme park, the designers felt it would be the best possible introduction for new Tiny Trax players. It’s here that you’ll want to get used to the mechanics of Tiny Trax, as the courses get a lot wilder from here on out!

Treasure Cave

The Treasure Cave track might remind you of the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin, or maybe even The Goonies. That’s because they were big inspirations for this hidden treasure trove. The art team wanted a strong contrast between the dark cave and huge skeleton which holds up the track, to the bright gems and glowing gold of the pirate loot in the centre. The track itself snakes around the bounty below and around the cave, leading your vehicle through the jaws of the skeleton. Ooky spooky!

Paradise Falls

The main focus of Paradise Falls is the flowing waterfall that surrounds the player and guards the pirate village housed below the race track. Set in the Carribean islands, this breezy locale provides a bottomless blue lagoon to fall into should any reckless racers fall off of the track.

Shipwreck Island

This map was the very first one created and has a very special feature you’ll want to try for yourself. The track itself weaves upwards over a shipwreck before the cars plummet down below the ocean’s surface to continue the race under the sea. It was a complex task merging these two environments, but the benefit of VR means that players are able to duck down low to feel like they’re racing in the water – where the lighting and audio will change dynamically. If you’ve ever wanted to be a mermaid racer, this is the track for you.

Keep an eye out for sunken treasure!

We hope this provided a taste of the virtual playground you’ll be entering on July 25th. Check back for more adventures to new, varied and tiny worlds throughout the week!

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