Previously we took a look at the tracks within the Tropical Adventure environment, hope you wore some sunscreen! Now the team here at FuturLab would like to take you on a fantastical journey to a fantasy land known only as the Frozen Forgeway. Keep the flip flops from before, but also make sure to pack a warm jacket as this locale is known for its freezing surfaces and fiery depths.

Are you ready for a Tiny song of Ice and Fire? Let’s play the Game of Trax.

Shattered Shelf

Shattered Shelf is the introduction to the arctic tundras of the Forgeway world. Here amongst the harsh blizzards and snowy mountains is a race track that bridges over crusts of separated ice. Between the gaps lies perilous lava pits, which cut through the level and helps players to visually keep track of where they are in this bright white space. Be careful of the hole in the middle though, you’ll need to perfect your jumps to survive this frozen, shattered shelf!

Glacial Grip

A keen eye will observe the giant hand buried under ice that this track is built around. It is said that an ancient Ice & Fire civilisation once inhabited these frozen mountains – you can still see the ruins left behind.

Devil’s Anvil

Two giants on either side of the Devil’s Anvil hold this track above the lava flowing below. It’s hotter than hell in the centre, so please stay within the vehicle at all times.

Molten Ruins

If you look closely at these Molten Ruins you’ll be able to spot a hidden volcanic city hiding within. How come the outer ice never melts, you ask? Must be magic.


You’ve visited sunny islands and now lava-filled snow lands, make sure to come back tomorrow for a final trip… into outer space!

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