We’ve been bombarded with hilarious WOW faces over the last few days. It’s been great fun seeing all your faces, but there can only be one winner (as well as eleven sorta-winners!).

We judged the wows on:

– Convincing wow
– Imaginative wow
– Hilarious wow

With that in mind, here they come!

Runners up!

The following ten WOW faces each win a copy of Tiny Trax!

1. The Palm Heel Wow

2. The Makeshift Wow


3. The Tragic Wow

4. The Not Now Wow

5. The WE GOT THIS Wow


6. The Dreams Come True Wow

7. The Can’t Believe It Wow

8. The Oh S*** Wow

9. The Daddy Did What Wow

10. The Indie AF Wow

2nd Place

Stephen’s WOW face just keeps making us laugh – a worthy second place finish!

1st Place

We were all impressed by the sheer gobsmackery on display here. Congratulations @MrDoodlez, a brand new PS4 Pro and PSVR is on its way to you!

Winners will be contacted privately on Twitter to organise prizes.

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