So far on this round-trip adventure, we’ve explored tropical beaches and pirate caves, frozen forgeways over lava pits and more, but now it’s finally time to blast off to the outer limits of space itself. Welcome to Galactic Odyssey, a collection of race tracks set in worlds beyond your imagination.

Top tip: keep the windows rolled up and doors locked tight as you race, you’ll need to keep hold of the oxygen you brought along with you. There’s a reason Buzz Lightyear wears a helmet.

Enigma Eden

The concept of Enigma Eden was to have neon pink asteroids that housed a space station. This eventually grew into a whole planet of crazy colours to race around on. I’d love to see the alien race that lives here, I bet they have great hair.

Lunar Drill

This track is set in the future, where humans have begun colonising the surface of the moon and are drilling down through it looking for resources. It’s a classic Sci-Fi environment that will leave you gasping for air.

Orbital Lift

Orbital Lift features such a striking neon art style, the track is almost holographic! Inspired by the movie Tron.

Meteor Mall

Finally, we come to our last Tiny track, and it was one of the very first to be conceptualised – in order to be a strong contrast to the Tropical setting from before. Meteor Mall started off as a more simple drab grey space station but evolved into a bright orange Tokyo-inspired market place set in outer space. The designers weren’t limited by using floor space to support the track, so it’s incredibly ambitious and arguably the most difficult course to master… but if you’ve conquered all that came before it, you’ll be more than prepared to take this gravity-defying track on.

And there you have it! The selection today was out of this world – literally. Let us know which track you’re most excited to race on in the comments below, and look forward to even more Tiny Trax adventures coming soon.

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