A range of miniature cars is on offer for every player who dares to race on the mind-boggling, gravity-defying tracks created here in the FuturLab studio. Which vehicle will help you race into first place? Let’s get to know the roster a little better, shall we?

Grass-Hop Hoofer

Paying homage to our favourite racer, MotorStorm, the Grass-Hop Hoofer hoofs along the track at top speeds, so to speak. Jumbo wheels and aerodynamic features help it to take on even the most twisty of tracks in the game, you’ll be ready for action in this rambunctious road-hog.

Kahuna Wave-Rider

This supercharged camping van isn’t the same kind you used to take childhood holidays in, it’s a gravity-defying speed beast. Also comes with a lot of room in the back.

Little Big Trouble

Honk honk! Move out of the way for Little Big Trouble. It’s a van that can.

Mad-Hustle Muscle

Mad-Hustle Muscle is for the seriously stylish, with its elongated bonnet and oversized engine, it’s got the stamina and endurance to withstand anything. Herbie wishes he could move like this.

Rapid-Refresh F5

Vroom vroom! Choosing this sporty little number shows that you’re in it to win it! The most dynamic, ergonomic way to cruise in to victory.

Street-Burn Booster

The classic all-rounder, with just a touch of futuristic modification. Grease Lightning saw the Street-Burn Booster and drove itself off a cliff.


You may be wondering who is driving these tiny vehicles? Well, it’s you silly. But could there be anybody behind the miniature wheel?

Here’s an exclusive look at the concept art for Tiny Trax, featuring some of the original ideas for the vehicles but also, excitingly, who was originally supposed to be driving them. These tiny characters aren’t featured in the final game sadly, but were very influential in the design choices throughout development and it might be fun to imagine that your favourite racer is still inside the tiny car that you’ve chosen from the list above.

So there we have it, you’re now an expert on the twelve courses and six vehicles that make up the Tiny Trax roster. Now it’s time to get stuck in.

Which car makes your heart beat a little faster? What locations are you most excited to race in? Anybody make it onto the leaderboards yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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