Think of all the different titles that powerwashing has; Pressure Washing, Power Pressure Soaking, Pressurised Washing, Power Cleansing, Waterised Pressure-Soak Cleaning, the list goes on!

If you were just learning about powerwashing for the first time in your life, you could be forgiven for thinking that this was some kind of extreme domestic sport, to be watched on ESPN alongside Monster Truck Baking and Jet Ski Laundry. The crazy thing is, using a power washer to clean your driveway, your neighbour’s footpath or your best friends patio is one of the most relaxing and satisfying things that you can do in these fast-paced, all-action, adrenaline fueled 24/7 modern times!

Which, for us at FuturLab, is one of the greatest mysteries – because it shouldn’t be relaxing; it should be EPIC!!!, it shouldn’t be satisfying; it should be X-TREME!!!! …but its hard to deny, there is something strangely and profoundly therapeutic about powerwashing.

If you Google, ‘how to calm down’ the bulk of the responses are about how to calm down RIGHT NOW!

They are quick fixes to bring you back from the brink of a panic attack or extreme anxiety, but what can we do to prevent ourselves even getting into that terrible state?

Our thinking is that the kind of activities that we do regularly to keep our stress levels under control all have some common elements. Yoga, golf, fishing, non-competitive sports all sit in that ‘in-between’ space where they are not so overwhelming or demanding as to be a source of stress themselves, but they require just enough engagement from your brain that you can’t afford to think about anything else at the same time. So you have to let go of the things that were keeping you awake or causing you anxiety – you can’t possibly hold a Warrior position or hit out of the sand AND worry about your mortgage at the same time.

If you want to know how to calm down, the answer is to get busy. Get busy doing something that is relaxing and satisfying. Power Washing might not sound like the solution to your stress or anxiety, but from all of the research that we have done watching people power wash in our game and in real life, the most frequently made comment we hear is ‘I didn’t know I needed this, but I do’. (or something along those lines).

Life is stressful and no-one gets an easy ride, so we’ve all got to find ways to shut the door on stress and give ourselves time calm down and keep calm. If yoga or golf aren’t your thing … maybe powerwashing could be.

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