About FuturLab

FuturLab is an award-winning game studio developing original games for handheld and console.


Great Games

Our games Velocity 2X, Surge Deluxe, Coconut Dodge Revitalised, Velocity Ultra, Velocity, Surge, Coconut Dodge, Fuel Tiracas and Beats Slider are all great fun and critically celebrated.

An Inspiring Story

This is how we got started making games: FuturLab Pitch To Sony.

Awesome Ideas

This is how awesome our ideas are:

Massive Addiction Factor

This is how addictive our games are:


We pride ourselves on developing the most engaging ideas, and always seek to elicit three levels of response from our target audience:

1) Cool!
2) Ah, I see!
3) Damn, that’s really clever actually…

We’ve been hearing this response for over 15 years. We never get tired of hearing it, and we work very hard to ensure we keep hearing it in future.