About Us

We’re FuturLab, the award-winning game studio behind PowerWash Simulator, the Velocity series, Peaky Blinders Mastermind, and many more awesome games.

FuturLab was originally founded in 2003, but things really took off for us in 2007 when we decided to take a risk: we rocked up to Sony HQ and delivered the pitch that would put us on the map as game developers.

Back then, we didn’t have the commercial video game experience that we do now, but what we did have was unbridled enthusiasm, distinctive ideas, and fearless audacity. To this day, we carry these essential ingredients through to every project we work on.

Remote First

Our studio in Brighton remains the beating heart of FuturLab, however, in 2020 we made the shift to become a remote-first studio. This empowers us to work with talent across the UK and beyond to deliver the best games possible, whilst allowing our team to work comfortably and flexibly in their own spaces.


We pride ourselves on developing the most engaging ideas, and always seek to elicit three levels of response from our target audience:

1) Cool!

2) Ah, I see!

3) Damn, that’s really clever actually…