A launch title for PlayStation Mobile alongside Beats Slider, Fuel Tiracas is our attempt at bringing hardcore twitch gaming to touch based mobile devices!

Fuel Tiracas - Twitch On Touch Done Properly
Fuel Tiracas – Twitch-On-Touch Done Properly

As with all our games, Fuel Tiracas is simple, elegant and a little bit clever, and it takes everything we’ve learned about addictive mechanics from Coconut Dodge and Velocity, and boils them down to their absolute core essence, building the simplest game possible (we only had 8 weeks!) that adequately challenges the following faculties:

– Use manual dexterity to create fast paced action
– Use memory to take ownership of repeated patterns
– Make fast decisions in response to random events
Look really cool doing all of the above competently

These are the things that make Coconut Dodge and Velocity fun and addictive, and it’s these things that we have literally put right at the player’s fingertips – in their purest form – in Fuel Tiracas.


Planet Tiracas, Distant Outpost

The game takes place on Planet Tiracas, which is a distant outpost. The planet currently has no atmosphere, and the player’s job is to use Tiracas’ natural resources as Fuel to power giant atmosphere processors!

Shameless J.C. fans ahoy…


Balancing Fuel

Fusing together ‘Whack-A-Mole’, ‘Spinning Plates’ and ‘Simon Says’ gameplay, the player must quickly collect fuel (coloured circle) as it appears in one of the six fuel pods (three each side), to raise the fuel level in a selected fuel gauge (strips in the centre), making sure to balance each gauge within its threshold (the coloured area within each strip) for long enough to generate 100% power to the atmosphere processor (the ‘xx/100’ at the top of the screen).

This would all be really easy if the fuel didn’t slowly deplete over time, and that’s the kicker…

Bedlam Fuel - Quickly Select The Correct Coloured Fuel Or Suffer A Penalty
Bedlam Fuel – Quickly Select The Correct Coloured Fuel Or Suffer A Penalty

It’s simple, fast-paced action with a resource/time management slant, and it’s addictive as hell because…

Memorise Patterns
Memorise Patterns

…as with Coconut Dodge, the combination of random and predictable elements gives the player the opportunity to memorise and master the patterns that appear, whilst being kept on their toes by random events, leading to Bishop-level exhibitions of skill and speed; and people looking and feeling cool whilst playing 🙂

Bang For Buck

Fuel Tiracas has 12 levels (and 12 trophies) that slowly introduce players to the various different Fuel Types included in the game, and the real value is in the huge amount of replayability as players learn the patterns and improve their best times, competing for the top spot on global high scores!

And… it costs £0.40p.

A PlayStation Vita game for 40p.

Hello PlayStation Mobile!

Fuel Tiracas is available now on PlayStation Store for PS Vita and PlayStation Certified devices!

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