FuturLab began in 2003 when Fine Art graduate James Marsden set his sights on the games industry. With no background in programming or design, James set about teaching himself web technologies; the plan being to jump a series of ladders from website design to console game development.

The ladder looked something like this:

2003 – Standards compliant websites
2004 – Database driven websites with PHP + MySQL
2005 – Flash based application development
2005 – Flash based e-learning and simple mini-games
2006 – PRISM Platform Game Engine
2007 – Flash games for the BBC
2008 – Flash games for Sony Computer Entertainment
2009 – Original Sony PSP™ game backed by publisher funding
2009 – Contracted as External Game Designer for Relentless Software
2010 – Developed and published Coconut Dodge for PSP™ & PS3™ miniS
2011 – Coconut Dodge named Game Of The Year 2010 by PSNStores.com
2011 – Coconut Dodge signed by EA for worldwide distribution on iOS
2012 – Developed and published Velocity for PSP™, PS3™ and PS Vita
2012 – Velocity earns critical acclaim with 9/10 scores from Edge, IGN and many others
2012 – PlayStation Mobile launch games Beats Slider and Fuel Tiracas
2012 – Velocity wins Best Arcade Game 2012 at the TIGA Games Industry Awards
2012 – Developed and published Velocity Ultra for PS Vita
2013 – Velocity Ultra wins PS Vita Shooter GOTY from IGN
2013 – Developed and published Surge Deluxe
2014 – Developed and published Velocity 2X to critical acclaim and multiple GOTY awards
2017 – Developed and published Tiny Trax, our first step into 3D, VR and Realtime Multiplayer!
2018 – Working on lots of exciting stuff right now!

It’s been an enjoyable adventure so far, and now FuturLab is just where it wants to be – making really cool things on its own terms.

Check our News for the latest info!

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