Life at FuturLab

Life at FuturLab is the best it has ever been! Not one to rest on our laurels, we are constantly looking for new ways to level up so that it stays that way. We are a studio that puts its people first, believing that happy, healthy teams make great games.

No Crunch… Ever

When we say no crunch, we mean it.

Not “no crunch… unless we really need it”; just no crunch… ever.

Good games take time and talent, and the latter is often crushed under pressure. We believe patience is as good for our games as it is our people. The creativity and focus that’s required in developing video games is greatly benefitted from time away from our work and our screens, we prove this by consistently creating award-winning games without crunch.

Our core studio hours are 9am to 5pm, with an hour’s break for lunch. The whole team also enjoys time to rest and recoup with our friends and family over the Christmas period, with up to two weeks of studio closure.

Live and Work where you’re most Happy

FuturLab has recently evolved into a remote-first studio, enabling our staff to work where they are happiest.

Most of our team work from the comfort of their own home. For those who prefer to work from the office, the doors of our Brighton head office are always open to you. We provide a comprehensive relocation package to those who want to move closer to and work exclusively at FuturLab HQ.

Are you sitting comfortably?

We are!

As we spend a large proportion of our day sat at a desk, it’s so important that our workspaces are comfortable, inviting and fit-for-purpose.

As a remote-first studio (and gaming enthusiasts), we know that each person’s set-up is as unique as they are. So, we provide a full PC setup as standard, with the option to customise as required or use your own accessories if preferred.

For all new office-based staff, a workstation assessment is carried out by a local independent specialist to ensure that your seat, desk, monitors are all exactly as they should be. 

Our office space is not just equipped for work, but for play too! We have a large breakout room with video games, board games, movies and Netflix; as well as a variety of exercise balls and foam rollers dotted around the studio to have a break and stretch out on.


Wellbeing is paramount when it comes to game development. For this reason, FuturLab is constantly reviewing and improving our benefits to see if we can further improve our team’s wellbeing and happiness, aided by our dedicated Studio Welfare Manager.

Permanent staff are enrolled in our private healthcare scheme, entitled to a free eye test and glasses for display work and have access to 24/7 online therapy via Spill. We also provide income protection for long-term sickness.

All FuturLab staff are given two duvet days annually, for those days you wake up and decide you’re just ‘not feeling it’ or would be rather doing something else. No questions asked. 

It’s the Little Things…

FuturLab doesn’t underestimate the power of the small things to brighten up your day – whether it’s a cake on your birthday, a novelty gift to make you giggle or a takeaway on us – we are always looking out for new ways to make our staff smile.

Getting Together

Despite being a remote studio, we are a tight-knit bunch! We regularly organise social events around FuturLab’s hometown of Brighton and across the UK. 

We’ve recently celebrated the success of PowerWash Simulator by taking the entire studio and their families to Center Parcs, where everyone had a chance to enjoy a relaxing break with loved ones and colleagues.