Flash Games

FuturLab prides itself on developing simple, elegant and clever ideas. The result is that our games are immediately fun to play, with depth and replayability.

By sticking to our mantra we can find innovative ways to deliver a message or experience to an audience so that it has lasting impact.

We provide clients with:

  • Quality game concepts relevant to a campaign or product goal
  • Games with addictive gameplay
  • Superb audio and visual polish
  • A proven track record delivering on time and within budget
  • Great value for money

Check out our Work For Hire Portfolio and Games for examples.

Online Application Development

It’s not all about games though, as we have a great deal of experience building complex web applications for online business, e-learning, corporate training and database administration.

Our work has been used by Hewlett Packard & Canon for sales training, and a host of learning suppliers for the delivery and management of e-learning.

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