Game Design Consultancy

FuturLab has a great track record developing games that go down well with publishers, press and gamers, and the approach we’ve developed can work for other studios too.

How We Work

We’ve identified three critical points in the game development cycle where a game can fail to reach its target: Pitch Stage, First Playable and Alpha.

Often publishers or clients don’t understand how games actually work, so they’ll sign up a game that would actually fail at our internal pitch stage. We can address this and the other critical areas by offering the following consultancy service:

  1. Contribute to the Pitch Stage to help define and assess a game’s concept design, ensuring that all aspects of the design work together in harmony.
  2. Return at First Playable to reassess whether assumptions were correct, and if not, take decisive action to ensure the game remains fun without stretching budget.
  3. Return at Alpha to ensure a game is balanced correctly.

By offering our expertise only at these critical points, it’s a very cost effective service that can help to ensure games are great fun and critically celebrated.

If you think this could work for you, please get in touch.

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